17 Reasons To Adopt A Rescue Dog

rescue dog

Dogs are loyal, adorable and simple, that’s why they are known as human’s best friend. If you are looking to adopt a new pup, you want to make sure that fits in within your lifestyle. Each year, millions of dogs enter in shelters and waiting for a forever home. So, instead of visiting any local pet store, going through a local rescue is a best decision because there you will get first-hand knowledge about the pet you are wishing to adopt.

Several Reasons To Inspire You For Adopting A Rescue Dog
There is no doubt that all dogs are not right for every home and all potential dog owners would not be willing to put in all the effort required to make their pets happy. So, it is an important decision to adopt a rescue or shelter pet because you have to take into account everything, needed to be prepared for both expected and unexpected concerns and fears. Before making a decision to adopt a rescue dog, you want to find out about his or her quirks. Choosing a rescue dog that’s in foster means you can easily evaluate how he or she can act in your home’s setting. You will also have to do less effort to adjust them into your life and your home environment. You can discuss your fears and concerns with their fosters and can find out what they are really like. You can ask about their favourite treats, their daily routine, their energy level, their interaction with kids and other dogs, their protective behaviour, etc. Their fosters will always fill you in. In this way, you can remove a lot of guess work and can select the best option that fits within your lifestyle and family because you can find any sort of dog in rescue. Though the rewards of adopting a rescue pup outweigh most concerns, still many people not convinced to adopt. But here are several reasons that will inspire you to start your search for adopting a rescue dog.

– With Adoption, You Are Saving A Life:
By adopting a rescue dog, you are in fact saving a life and giving them a second chance in life to enjoy their new home forever. You are also helping to make room for other dogs in need of a home.

– You Can Select a Fully Trained Dog:
Most of the dogs in rescue are well-behaved and well-mannered as well as already house trained. If you are a new or novice pet owner, it will save you a lot of time to train your pet about the basics.

– You Will Receive Unconditional Love:
When you adopt a shelter or rescue dog, they make stronger bond with you. With the passage of time, they shower unconditional love upon you. Once you let them in your home and heart, they won’t ever stop giving their so much love to you.

– You Have Endless Choices For Selection:
Shelters or rescues offer you endless choices when you want to adopt a dog. They have puppies, adults, seniors as well as every pure and mix breed you can think of.

– You Can Adopt A Fully Vaccinated Pet:
Before adoption, rescue dogs should be fully vaccinated and spayed/neutered. They have also gone through many behavioural assessments as well as veterinary checkups.

– You Can Understand True Personality Of Your Pet:
When you are adopting from a rescue, they provide you full information about the pet you want to adopt. It will become easy for you to comprehend with the fact that how your dog will behave in the environment of your home. They provide you complete details about how your dog acts around kids, strangers and other animals, what is their energy level, how they react in different situations.

– You Can Find A Best Match For Your Family & Lifestyle:
When you visit a shelter or rescue, ask as many questions as you have in your mind regarding to your desire dog. You can give them a list of qualities you want to see in your pet and in turn, they will find out the best match you are looking for your home. In fact, they are committed to make sure that their all dogs are placed with the right family.

– You Can Find Unique Mixes:
Along with a lot of choices for selection, you can also find some beautifully unique mixes of dogs like mutt, spotted dogs with long tails, etc that are really awesome and one-of-a-kind. You can be placed on a waiting list if they don’t have the one you are looking for.

– You Pay Less For Any Dog In A Rescue:
As compared to pet-stores, you pay less in rescue for a dog you want to adopt. All dogs in a recue are fully vaccinated as well as they have received full veterinary assessments. So, you will feel the adoption fees extremely reasonable when you take into consideration that your dog has already been vaccinated.

– You Get a Chance To Stay Fit & Active:
Whether you are living a more active life or looking for a new adventure, your new pooch will provide you a reason to get outdoors more. Taking your dog to a walk daily will keep you more active and fit.

– You Can Easily Take Care Of Your Pup:
If you are a new pet-owner and you don’t know how to take care of your pup after adoption, you always have a chance to access to resources to know about your fuzzy new family member. They also offer you classes on how to take care of your best friend.
– You Can Make A Happy Home With A New Addition:
By welcoming a rescue dog, you are not only finding a new best friend but you are making your home a happy one with a new addition as he will bring lots of love to your home.

– You Encourage Others to adopt Rescue Dogs:
When you introduce your new family member to your friends and let them know that you have adopted him or her from a rescue or shelter, they will become really amazed to see such a lovely fellow. Your adoption may encourage them to do the same.

– Your Pet Will Be Grateful:
The dogs in rescues or shelters know that life is giving them a second chance to find a forever home. So, not only will you be getting a best friend for life, you will have a pet that’s grateful to you.

– Your Kids Will Play & Enjoy More:
Studies have shown that not only adults have experienced health benefits from having a dog but kids as well. By having a rescue dog, your kids will play and enjoy more outdoors and in this way they stay happy, active and healthy.

– You Can Unwind or De-stress Without Judging:
Life is full of stresses. When you will come back after a hectic day out, your rescue dog is always there to listen to you. Your furry friend will never judge you or let you down and will help you unwind.

– You Can Increase Your Social Interactions:
When you get out with your pup, this will help you increase your social interactions with new human friends. When you walk at your local dog park or dog-friendly café, you can find someone special or other pet parents and this will not only help you make new friends but also help your dog to interact with strangers or animals calmly.

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