Why is My Dog Barking at Night?

Have you ever frustrated when your dog howls in the middle of the night or have you ever experienced the nuisance barking of your beloved dog at night? If yes, don’t get panic as there are many pet owners who are experiencing the same. Barking or howling at night is one of the common behaviours in dogs, especially in older ones. Being a pet owner, you feel unpleasant when your pet barks or howls at night within hearing distance. The situation becomes more annoying when your pet’s barking not only keeps you awake at night but your neighbours as well. Excessive barking in dogs at night may be due to a behaviour issue or a physical condition. Likewise, howling is a form of vocal communication, used by dogs. Mostly dogs howl to announce their presence, to get attention, to make contact with others, etc. Some dogs also howl excessively when they hear high-pitched sounds such as emergency vehicle sirens, musical instruments, etc.

Why A New Puppy Is Barking At Night
Barking at nigh is quite common and very normal behaviour in young puppies as they have a hard time in adjusting to their new homes. They miss their mothers and siblings as with their families they can choose when to eat, play and eliminate. But when they come to a new home, everything changes. They become confused and anxious and this is one of the main reasons for their barking at night. They vocalize particularly at night to express their loneliness, anxiety and discomfort. New puppies also have poor bladder control and when they need to go outside for a pee, they start barking.

Why Dogs Are Barking At Night
Usually, an adult or senior dog is barking when he is nervous, anxious, and alone or is having some medical, health or behavioural issues. He also barks in response to noises he hears in his environment. Mostly, senior dogs bark at night when they are not feeling well, or they become restless and often have disturbed sleep cycles. Deafness and poor vision can also enhance your dog’s tendency to bark.

Reasons Of Dogs’ Barking At Night
The dogs may be barking because of many different reasons such as:
– Wildlife: One of the reasons of dog’s barking at night is that he may hear another animals’ outside like rats, feral cats, possums, raccoons, etc and he don’t want anybody to come in his territory.
– Boredom/Loneliness: When your dog or puppy feels lonely or boredom, they start barking. Newly adopted puppies mostly bark at night because they may be missing their mothers or siblings.
– Other Dogs in the Neighbourhood: It has been observed that when one dog barks at night, this can trigger other dogs in the neighbourhood to bark.
– Anxiety or Fear: Anxiety and fear can be the reason of your dog’s barking at night. Thunder or other loud noises can make your dog feel anxious and this can trigger barking.
– Pain or Frustration: If your dog is experiencing discomfort or pain in joints, this can cause him to get frustrated and to bark at night.
– Pent-up Energy: Though you may be tired after a long hectic day out, but your beloved pooch has pent-up energy and he wants you to play with him. After spending all day at home alone, he may be barking at night because he desires to get some exercise.
– Urinary Tract Infection: A dog with a urinary tract infection may need to urinate more often. Your dogs may be barking at night because they want to go outside to relieve themselves.
– Canine Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome: Canine cognitive dysfunction syndrome is common in senior dogs and this condition can cause different changes in pets like disorientation, confusion, sleep patterns change, behaviour changes, etc.
– Poor Night Vision: Mostly senior dogs bark at night because they have poor night vision. Poor night vision can be caused by different medical issues like retinal atrophy, etc. When dog is not able to see at night, this can cause him to bark.

First Rule Out The Problem & Then Solve It
If your dog barks or howls at odd times a lot more than a usual or if your dog’s barking continues for a few days, it can be both worrying and frustrating. Sometimes, when your dog is feeling scared, confused, agony or anxious, he start to bark as this is the only way to get your attention. In fact, he may not even know why he feels like this, so instead of giving punishment to your beloved pooch, it is important for you to realize that his barking is a sign that all is not well with him and he is not doing this to irritate you. First of all rule out the problem and then solve the issue or take your dog to a veterinarian for a physical checkup to determine if there is a serious condition at hand.

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