Why Is My Dog Eating Grass?

dog eats grass

No one is quite sure that why dogs are eating grass. This habit of dogs is considered as their normal canine behaviour according to pet experts. The reason is that a very little scientific study of this behaviour in dogs is found. In the absence of factual research, many theories have been floated. Some scientists believe that the attempt of eating grass in dogs is to compensate for something lacking in their diets, for example, a lack of sufficient minerals, vitamins or fibre. While others argue that the habit of eating grass is a remnant of wild dogs. It has been observed that many varieties of undomesticated dogs are omnivorous as they eat both meat and plant materials, so one thought is that the domesticated dogs are simply imitating the behaviour of their ancestors. Still others speculate that the taste of grass is liked by many dogs. Some scientists are certain that grass eating behaviour in dogs is their attempt to induce vomiting, possibly to get rid of something that’s upsetting their stomach. But there is not any scientific research that proves eating grass is linked to vomiting as in some dogs the ingestion of grass does make them to vomit.

Is Eating Grass is Dangerous For Your Pet?
Moreover, there is no need to worry if your little pooch is grazing grass occasionally but if your pet is ingesting foreign objects on a regular basis then it is a matter of your concern. First of all check out if your pet may has pica, a medical condition in which dogs eat or crave for items that are not typically thought of as food like dirt, paper, cloth, garbage, faeces, etc. This condition in dogs if left unchecked then it can lead to several digestive or nutritional issues. Being a pet owner, if you observe a sudden increase in the grass eating behaviour in your dog, take your pet to his veterinarian check for an underlying gastrointestinal disease. Your vet will not only conduct a physical exam, including faecal and blood testing but he will also advice you how to reduce or stop this habit in your pet.

Moreover, most experts are of the opinion that allowing your dog to eat grass poses no real risk. But it is important to keep an eye on your pet, especially if his grass grazing habit increases to a certain level as it could be a sign of an underlying illness. If your dog is munching away on the outdoor grass or houseplants, simply introduce natural herbs or cooked vegetables into his diet or you can start herbal home garden. These alternatives will keep your pooch away from eating the outdoor grass and landscaping, which could lead to accidental ingestion of pesticides, herbicides, chemicals, etc. There is not any strong evidence that eating grass could be harmful for your canine buddy. But if you want your dog to get rid of his grass eating behaviour, simply check out why your dog is insisting to eat grass though you are feeding your pet with a nutritious food full of everything they need to and to be healthy. Many dogs eat grass when they feel lonely or bored. For this, you can take your pet to daily walk or engage him in daily exercise or in some fun activities like tossing a Frisbee, or any other interactive games. You can also buy him a sturdy chew toy to keep him occupied. For your dog’s pica behaviour, you can switch your pet to a better dog food like a high-fibre variety as this can fulfil his nutritional deficiency.

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