A Fantastic Day in London With a Pup

dog in London

From seeing the King’s guard at Buckingham Palace to a leisurely walk through Hyde Park, London has an array of attractions to explore. With its expansive parks, iconic landmarks, and historic sites, the capital of England puts forth plenty of pet-friendly venues as well.

London has plenty of fun things to see and do with your canine companion. First, be sure to visit the many open green spaces located at Hyde Park, Richmond Park, Old Deer Park, Victoria Park or Hampstead Heath. Here, your furry friend can wander off leash and make friends with fellow four-legged visitors — not to mention you’ll get the chance to enjoy some fresh air too.

When it comes time for a bite to eat with your pup in tow, take advantage of the extensive selection of cafes and restaurants that welcome dogs in the city. From pubs like The Lamb and Flag in WC2 to restaurants like the famous Bluebird in Chelsea, there are countless options boasting pet-friendly patios where you can have a leisurely lunch al fresco.

Of course no trip would be complete without taking in some of London’s iconic sights. While many museums don’t allow pets inside on grounds of health and safety, there are attractions you can enjoy with your pup, such as the Tower Bridge to explore the historic Towers, spectacular Glass Floor and Victorian Engine Rooms. What’s more, there are also dedicated walks which offer guided tours around renowned landmarks like Tower Hill or Borough Market for owners and pooches alike!

Simply walking around the bustling streets with your pet is an experience not soon forgotten; instead of trudging through the hustle and bustle why not take advantage of one of London’s unique boat tours? You’ll find a range of circular cruises cruising from Westminster Pier where leashed dogs are welcomed on board – what better way to admire Big Ben or Tower Bridge from afar?

Finally for a completely different experience why not treat your pup (and yourself) to some holistic wellness treatments such as puppy pedicures or canine massages at venues including The Pet Pavilion. Pet owners will love knowing they are able to place their furry friends in safe hands while they have time out — perhaps shopping in Covent Garden or perusing art galleries along Oxford Street — without worrying about needing to rush back home.

No matter how long your stay may be you won’t run out of places suited for both humans and their furry friends whilst visiting London. With so much choice it’s easy to unleash your sense of adventure here!

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