How Dog Friendly Is London

dog friendly London

London is one of the famous cities of UK and considered as an attractive place to a lot of expats to live in. It’s a dream of many people around the world to live in this city because of various reasons. Some people want to move London to avail new and exciting opportunities for them and their loved ones while other wish to start a new beginning of their lives. Whatever your reason behind your decision to pack up and move London, you wouldn’t want to let your four-legged friend alone. Being a pet-owner, a positive approach is required when you are facing the prospect of taking your loved-ones including your pet to a new place.

If you are planning for your upcoming move to London, it will require a good planning and research to find a suitable place to live in for you and for your pet. Though, the nation of Britain is dog-lovers, yet, finding a dog friendly rental property in London is quite difficult task because London has limited pet friendly rentals. Many landlords don’t allow pets as well as the rental prices are so high there. Setting up a pet CV for your pet that includes a reference from your previous landlord and sending it out with rental application may help persuade your new landlord that you and your pets are responsible tenants. There are several reliable online search platforms that can help you in finding the reasonably priced residence in London. Apart from the challenges you face regarding to find a reasonably priced housing, it is quite important for you to know how pet-friendly is London in other aspects of life.

London is known as one of the most pet-friendly cities in the world. If you want to know how dog-friendly London is, below we have uncovered the best destinations in London, so that you can enjoy exploring life in a big city with your beloved pooch.

Dog-Friendly Parks:
London offers you many amazing parks to explore with your four-legged friend like Hyde Park, St James’s Park, Regent’s Park, Green Park and Kensington Gardens, Batersea Park, Queen Alizabeth Olympic Park, Greenwich, Richmond and Bushy Park, etc. In each park, there are some restricted areas where dogs are not permitted or where dogs must be kept on a lead, but still there are plenty of spaces where you can enjoy playing or walking with your pup. Each park offers you something different and unique to enjoy.

– Dog-Friendly Attractions:
London is full of dog-friendly attractions like Bucking Palace, Tower Bridge, Notting Hill, Chelsea, Chelsea in Bloom, Chinatown, etc, where you can chill out with your canine buddy. These attractions are perfect for a photo stroll with your pup. You can enjoy a fun-filled weekend by visiting these tourist attraction places with your pooch.

– Dog-Friendly Art Streets:
Indoor art galleries of London are generally off-limits to pups but there are some exceptions. Instead, you will enjoy plenty of art on the streets of London for free. You can enjoy the best art on the side walls of these streets with your canine buddy. These streets include Shoreditch, Leake Street Graffiti Tunnel, Brick Lane, Pedley Street, etc. Take a street art walking tour with your pup and have fun.

– Dog-Friendly Gardens:
You will find many community gardens in London that offer you a chance to step away from the hustle and bustle life of London. Some of the best gardens to visit with your pup are Dalston Eastern Curve Garden, Postman’s Park, Nomadic Community Garden, etc.

– Dog-Friendly Spas:
There are many pet-pampering salons and spas in London like The Pet Spa, The Athenaeum Hotel, Blush & Blow, Aqua London, etc that offer exclusive spa treatments to make your beloved pooch feel relaxed and refreshed. All of these offer you luxurious treatments for your canine buddy, from a blueberry and vanilla doggy facial to an aromatherapy bath and body massage.

– Dog-Friendly Historic Houses:
Dog-friendly places make it a fun for pet-owners who live in London with their precious pets. London has many historic houses worth to visit with your pup. These historic places include Osterley House, Morden Hall Park, Marble Hill House, Kenwood House, etc. All have something special for you to explore with your little pooch. These historic houses have grounds, parks and lots more, perfect for a picnic or a weekend walk.

– Dog- Friendly Gyms &Yoga Clubs:
If you are interesting to do yoga or exercise but don’t want to leave your pup at home alone, London offers you various gym and yoga clubs such as Manhy yoga, Zoom yoga, CrossFit, F45 Training Fulham, Soma House, etc. All of these offer you a unique experience and help you in making a special bond with your pup when you get fit there. They also offer you dog workshops or you can even book a private paw-to-paw session.

– Dog-Friendly Society Clubs:
London is packed with several dog-friendly society clubs such as Friendly Society, The Society Club, Balans Soho Society, etc. All of these are hotspot for both art lover and their four-legged friends. These society clubs have galleries, bookstores, coffee shops, cocktail bars and lot more for you and your pet to explore. Some of these clubs also offer organic food and liver treats for your pets.

– Dog-Friendly Street Food Markets:
There are many dog-friendly street food markets and halls in London such as Spitalfields, Maltby Street, Flea at Vinegar Yard, Greenwich, Camden Stables, Brockley, etc. These food street markets will not only offer you delicious food but also welcome your beloved pooch with open arms.

– Dog-Friendly Hotels, Cafes, Pubs & Restaurants:
For a Saturday lunch, afternoon tea or a Sunday brunch, you will find tons of dog-friendly cafés, restaurants, pubs and hotels scattered around the London city. They welcome well-behaved dogs of all breeds and sizes into their fine establishments. Some of these offer special water and treat bowls for your pooch and even some have a special pooch section on their menus.

– Dog-Friendly Shopping Places:
If you desire to take your fashion forward canine buddy on the ultimate shopping experience in London city, there are a number of dog-friendly shopping stores, boutiques and malls that will welcome your pet with open arms. Enjoy a day of browsing your desired items with your pooch at Sloane Street, Liberty, Avec Chien, The Conran Shop, Bond Street, Anya Hindmarch, etc, as all of these shopping places are impeccably dog-friendly.

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