Why Positive Reinforcement Training is Good For My Dog

dog positive reinforcement

According to different researches on animals, it has been found that animals have the ability to learn new things and to be trained just like humans. Animals have the tendency to better respond the positive and encouraging environment in which they kept. Owning a dog is not enough as being a pet-owner it is your responsibility to take the time to train your little buddy to make him a good canine citizen. When it comes to dog training, there are several best methods that can be carried out by owners and the positive reinforcement training is one of them. This method plays a crucial role in your dog’s training as it can bring about the positive behaviours you desire to see in your pet. In this training method, the dog owners reward their dogs only when they show desirable behaviours. This force-free or pain-free training method helps dog owner to raise a well-mannered and well-behaved dog. By using different things as a reward like treats, play, food praise, toys, etc, trainers or owners can motivate their dogs to learn good behaviours that please them. Your dog will repeat your desirable actions or behaviours more frequently when he will be rewarded.

Initially, in this training when you want to teach your dog a new action or behaviour, then by giving rewards your dog will understand that if he does something good he will be rewarded for that. You can strengthen the learning process by rewarding your dog on the behaviours you like. When he will learn that good things only happen to him when he will do the things his owner likes, it will eventually become his habits. In contrary to positive reinforcement, the negative reinforcement can make your dog violent and impolite. By adopting negative reinforcement training, the dog owners can add only frustration and anger to their dogs’ lives.

There are several benefits of using positive reinforcement training process when it comes to changing your dogs’ behaviour and some of them are as follow:

– Helps In Improving Many Behavioural Issues
Some pets learn new things fast while others may learn slowly. In a case of fearful, aggressive or destructive pets, the training sessions become worse if the dog owners choose to train them with punishment. Positive reinforcement approach helps owners to deal their dogs’ behavioural issues with patience, tolerance, consistency and repetition.

– Helps In Strengthening Your Bond
Positive reinforcement training not only develops stronger relationship between you and your furry fellow but it also allows you to encourage your dog to practice more desirable behaviours that please you. Training your dog through this method by giving treats, foods, praise, etc as a reward will definitely make your bond stronger with your pet.

– Helps In Boosting Your Dog’s Confidence
Positive reinforcement training helps in building the high confidence level in your dog. When pets are punished by their owners frequently, they become fearful and show low confidence level. Positive reinforcement helps prevent your dog from freezing up due to low confidence or fearful feeling.

– Helps In Learning New Things
When you use positive reinforcement training, your pet will look forward to learn new commands and behaviours as this method involves giving treats, verbal praise, etc, to your dog and in turn your pet will deal this learning process with anticipation.

– Helps in Making Training Session As A Fun
During positive reinforcement training sessions, you give reward to your pets in the form of treats, food, toys, praise, etc and this can motivate them to learn something new from it. Being a pet-owner, you don’t want your dog to get bored, frustrated or discouraged in any training session. Positive reinforcement training sessions can be a fun and rewarding experience for your dogs. This training method can make your pet to learn every lesson or skill easily in a fun and rewarding way.

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